Dai coraggio !
We wish you happy days !  
We believe you pluck up your courage.                                   
We are always your knights.....
We love your smile.
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Kobin is so happy !

Charley  :  Hi, everyone. How are you today ? I got up early this morning. Do you think I am a late riser ? Usually I am sleeping all day, but I am early riser today.

Kobin  :  Good morning, Boss. What has happened ?

Charley  :  Good morning, Kobin. I am going to go out with Yumi-chan today. I have to do my duty as a knight.

Kobin  :  Yes, Boss. I am very happy that you have a good job.

Charley  :  Yes, I think so. But I am sorry to tell you I can't take you.

Kobin  :  No problem ! I am OK, Boss.


Charley  :  Can you stay home alone ?

Kobin  :  Of course. I am OK, Boss. I am happy, Boss.

Charley  :  I worry you stay here all day by yourself. Do you want to go with me ?

Kobin  :  No... No... No problem. Please don't worry about me.

Charley  :  Um...I am very sorry...I will go... See you...

Kobin  :  .......

Kobin stayed home alone all day. I think he was very happy and it was special time for him.


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I am a dog ?

Kibin:   Good morning, Boss.
      How are you ? I have good news today !
Charley: What ?
      I am sleepy today.
Kobin:  I know, you are sleepy always.
      But, please get up now !
      There are special presents for us from Yumi-chan.
      I am very happy.
Charley: Open these, Kobin.
Kobin:  Yes, Boss.
Charley: What is it ?
Kobin:  Um...These are food bowls written with my name and
      Boss's name.
      This is a bowl for a cat. But I am not a cat, I am a
      Wallaby born Australia, and I don't eat fish.
      Why does Yumi-chan think I am a cat ?
      How about yours, Boss ?
Charley: How can that be, I wonder ?
      I am disappointed with her understanding.
      This bowl is for a dog ! Does she think I am a dog ?
Kobin:  ...Yes, Boss.
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Merry Christmas !

Kobin:    Good morning, Boss.

Charley:   zzz...zz...

Kobin:    Please get up, Boss ! Today is Christmas, and we
        are having a Christmas party. We have to clean up 
        our room, go shopping, and cook dinner. I am very
        busy !!

Charley:   Today is very cold. I don't want to go out. I want 
        to sleep all the day.

Kobin:    No, Boss. You must get up, and we have to go
        shopping today.

Charley:   zzz...zz...

Kobin:    Boss, please get up. I think Christmas shopping is
        very enjoyable; beautiful illuminations, many
        cakes in show cases, and beautiful ladies.

Charley:   Beautiful ladies ?

Kobin:    Yes, Boss ! Many Beautiful ladies are coming to
        the party tonight. I recommend you dress up.

Charley:   OK, Kobin. Let's go in a hurry. I should buy an
        elegant jacket.

*********** Very Merry Christmas !! ***********
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Nice to meet you.
Charley: Hello, my name is Charles, but please call me Charley.
      I was born in England, and I grew up in Paris. So I am
      a Parisian!
      In 2001, I met Yumi-chan in Nice. At that time, she
      was studying Ceramic Painting at a studio near Nice.
      I loved Paris so much, but we had left for Japan from
      Paris in 2002.
      You may ask me why I left paris. It's because I am a
      knight for Yumi-chan.

Charley: This is Kobin, my assistant.
      Kobin, introduce yourself!
Kobin:  Yes, boss.
      Nice to meet you. My name is Kobin.
      At first, my boss called me "Kobun", but
      Yumi-chan said "Unfortunately".
      So she named me Kobin. Kobin is a pretty name...
      I think.
      I met Yumi-chan in Sydney in 2002, during she was
      studying Ceramic Painting at Lucy's studio.
      Uh...it's pleasure to meet you.
Charley: Where were you born, Kobin?
Kobin:  I was born in sydney. I have a name tag written
      "Made in Australia"

Kobin:  Oh Boss, you have a name tag on your back.
Charley: What is written?
      Can you read French?
Kobin:  Yes, boss.
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